BPD Update Online, Fall 2004
Got a Question About Detroit?
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Got a Question about the Detroit Conference?
Here's Who to Contact About What

Ads and Exhibits: Eleanor Pepi Downey at: downey@CAHS.Colostate.edu


Authors Chats: Kim Womack at: kwomack@jsucc.jsu.edu 


Convener Request: Wanda Bracy at: wbracy@sbcglobal.net


Detroit Information: Denise Montcalm at: montcalm@unr.edu


Doctoral Showcase: Kim Womack at: kwomack@jsucc.jsu.edu


Hotel Information: Denise Montcalm at: montcalm@unr.edu


Membership Information: Stacy Barrentine at: bpdassociation@cox.net


Networking Meetings Scheduling:  Kim Womack at kwomack@jsucc.edu


Preconference Workshops:  Kim Womack at: kwomack@jsucc.jsu.edu


Program Mailings: Denise Montcalm at: montcalm@unr.edu


Conference Registration:  Bill Clouser at bclouser@lcsc.edu


Federico Silent Auction: Aloha Van Camp at vancampa@udmercy.edu


Student Papers: Kim Womack at: kwomack@jsucc.jsu.edu


Student Volunteers:  Billy Blodgett at: bblodget@nmu.edu


Transportation Information:  Denise Montcalm at montcalm@unr.edu

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Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

BPD Update Online, Volume 26, No. 3, Fall 2004

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