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President's Fall Report

by Spencer Zeiger



This month, October 23rd to 26th we will celebrate BPD's 20th ANNUAL CONFERENCE in Pittsburgh. This year, the Conference and Local Planning Committees have pulled out all the stops to insure you the best BPD conference ever. Registration numbers are way up for 2002. We anticipate a terrific attendance.

This year's conference will focus on social work's role in meeting the needs of an aging society. We begin on Wednesday October 23rd with pre-conference workshops for new directors, continuing directors, field directors (new and continuing), and social workers who work with small groups. The Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research will sponsor a workshop of external funding opportunities. Wednesday evening will culminate with our opening reception featuring a doo-wop group.

The Board of Directors has been hard at work developing a new Strategic Plan for 2002 - 2004. Thoughtful membership input has made a significant impact in shaping this document. Our new blueprint will strengthen BPD's ability to provide leadership in baccalaureate social work education. Thursday, October 24th will begin with my Presidential Address. I will be presenting our new Strategic Plan. I will be primed; expect a passionate delivery. Later in the day we will have our Recognition Luncheon, Ron Federico Memorial Lecture presented by Wayne C. Evens, and multiple workshops.

Last year we inaugurated a special session with local high school students who have expressed interest in pursuing social work education. On Friday, October 25th we will again welcome high school students and add community college students to the mix. They are our future! Friday will also feature a special plenary by gerontologist Dr. Fred Rubin. In addition, the John A. Hartford Foundation, through the Geriatric Enrichment Institute, will sponsor a special session on aging.

Be prepared to rev-up your engines on Friday night. We will have another Live Auction (with yours truly as auctioneer) and a stellar performance by the Shameless Blues Band 2002 "Aging to Perfection" tour (look out, they've been practicing!).

Saturday, October 26th will feature a special session on diversity presented by Pittsburgh Dean Larry Davis; for the first time in one room: a chat with the leaders of ASWB, BPD, CSWE, GADE, NADD, and NASW; special sessions on accreditation offered by CSWE; sessions on EPAS; and sessions on BEAP. Our conference will conclude Saturday night with a banquet and dancing.

As always, throughout the conference, there will be networking meetings, health and wellness activities, individual CSWE consultations, and technology sessions.

BPD membership continues to grow at an unprecedented rate! Credit goes to our Membership Committee, led by Joel Ambelang, and my graduate assistant, Wanda Katinszky. As of September 13, 2002, we have achieved the following numbers:

Regular Members = 344 (50.59%)
Associate Members = 333 (48.97%)
Emeritus Members = 2 (0.29%)
Life Time Members = 1 (0.15%)

Total = 680 (100.00%)

Regular membership is limited to current and past directors of BSW programs. Regular members may vote in elections and for changes in our by-laws. They may also run for office, but only if they are they are directors at the time of election.* Currently, 105 of our 344 regular members (31%) may not run for office because they are past directors.

Are we making the best use or our resources? Our 333 associate members comprise 49% of our membership. Yet these folks are ineligible to vote for elections and by-laws changes. They also may not run for elected positions.** All told, 441 out of our 680 members, 65%, are ineligible to run for office. I believe it's time for a change. If you agree, I urge you to contact members of the Board of Directors and the By-Laws (AKA Nominations) Committees and let them know. Go to bpdonline.org for contact information.

Collaboration helps us grow and keeps us strong. I look forward to being with you at the conference. If I can be of any assistance before then, please feel free to contact me by phone at 907.786.6906 (yes, we have phones in Alaska), or by E-mail at spencer@uaa.alaska.edu

Arrive eager with anticipation; depart filled with hope and inspiration!

'see you in Pittsburgh!

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