BPD Update Online, Spring 2004
Photo Album: BPD at APM (cont)
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Electronic Posters and Tech II

Rosa Lee

Rosa Lee presents her Electronic Poster.

Rey Martinez

Rey Martinez presents his poster.

Electronic Poster Attendees

There is still time to propose an Electronic Poster for the 2005 APM. Posters are not refereed, and are accepted "first come, first served" as long as space is available. The Deadline for submissions is August 2, 2004.

Tech II

What is Tech II? We presented at APM, but you can meet us at BPD in Detroit, and learn about the new tool to assess course web sites.

Want to Propose an Electronic Poster? Click here to go to the CSWE Web Site where you will find the 2005 APM Electronic Poster Call:

Haven't joined BPD for this year yet? A link to the membership form is on the next page...

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

BPD Update Online, Volume 26, No. 2, Spring 2004

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