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BPD Update Online, Winter 2003
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Carol J. Williams, Associate Editor

Using Technology
in Teaching Community Organizing

Carol J. Williams, Associate Editor

World Wide Web Animated GIF

Free Organizing Resources

Free Email -

Free Listservs -

Free Webspace -

Free Webspace Provider Offering Scripts -

Other Free Web Resources

Electronic Advocacy -

...Hello Dave...

Funding - Information on Federal Grants, Foundations, and Corporations

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance -

Foundation Center Website -

Foundation Center FAQ and Links on Proposal Writing - tml

Moody's -

Using Moody's Company Data -

Standard and Poor's - Server?pagename=sp/Page/HomePg

Standard and Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives -

Federal Legislative Contacts

Typing Computer

Congress -

Senators by State -

Representatives -

(To find your specific representative in this list, enter your zip code and state and hit "submit".)

Government Documents Online

Article from BPD Update on Online Government Documents -

Search Online for Examples of Web Based Community Organizing

Have students search for online examples of organizing on a particular issue. For example, a brief search on homelessness revealed the following:

National Coalition for the Homeless -

Homeless People's Network Discussion List -

Homeless People and the Internet -

(The above web site was developed on a free web space provider)

Organizations in the United Kingdom -

The internet eliminates geographic boundaries in student research just as it removes geographic barriers to community organizing.

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