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24th Annual Conference
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Report on the 24th Annual Baccalaureate Social Work Education Conference
October 25 - 29, Los Angeles, CA
Carol J. Williams

We came to Los Angeles on a warm Wednesday in late October to dialogue on issues related to the Conference Theme of “Bridging Borders - Building Ties – Transforming Relationships”.  After a day of pre-conference workshops, we were welcomed to Los Angeles by Conference Chair, Kim Womack and Conference Co-Chair, Eleanor Pepi Downey.


President’s Opening Address


BPD President Linda Moore addressed the Conference’s important theme as the focus of her opening address.  She discussed the Components of the 2006 – 2008 Social Work Reinvestment Initiative, stressing the importance of communicating the value of our profession in society, and listed the steps being taken to gain enhanced resources for social work education and practice. 


She discussed ways in which BPD can participate in this initiative:


l      Identify stakeholders to involve in reinvestment

l      Host legislative briefings to highlight the effectiveness of social work interventions

l      Collect and document the history of public support for social workers in our states

l      Do state assessments of existing reinvestment components

l      Identify needed legislative and regulatory changes

l      Work with NASW Chapters to draft State Social Work Reinvestment Plans


She also shared information about the NASW Public Information Campaign.  Her address noted the upcoming Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) revisions, and the fact that BPD’s next conference will virtually coincide with the date on which CSWE will promulgate the new version of EPAS.  It will be vital for BPDers to communicate with CSWE and within BPD to identify and address issues of key importance to BPDers.


She noted the importance of finding a way in which all of us as social workers can work together, while maintaining our individual identities.  This will be one of our most important challenges as an organization in the next few years.




There were several sessions at the conference focusing on the new EPAS.  Since the first draft of the new EPAS is still being written, BPDers will have to develop a mechanism for communication about EPAS issues as they arise.  Paul Dovyak noted that he will be setting up an EPAS Review Project, possibly using Survey Monkey to send frequent short surveys to the BPD membership around key issues.  BPD Update “Extra” editions and discussion on the BPD listserv will be used as an additional mechanism of communication.


Awards Ceremony


BPD celebrated the achievements of its members at its annual awards ceremony.  Award recipients were: 


  • Significant Lifetime Achievement Award - Jack R. Sellers
  • Distinguished Contemporary Contribution to Baccalaureate Social Work Education Award - Lori Messinger
  • Outstanding Program Director Award - Carol Minor Boyd, University of Mississippi

The Awards Ceremony was followed by an evening of music and dancing featuring our own Shameless Blues Band.


Jim Wahlberg Walk/Run, Saturday, 6:00 – 10:00 am


The Jim Wahlberg Walk/Run this year was held on Venice Beach.  Please see the Conference Photo Album, later in this issue of Update, for a photo of the participants, dressed in their Wahlberg T-Shirts.


Ron Federico Memorial Lecture


This year’s Ron Federico Memorial Lecture was presented by Paul H. Stuart, University of Alabama.  His subject was “Bridging Borders:  How Boundary-Spanners Build Ties and Transform Relationships”.  His address discussed the benefits of maintaining a segmented profession.  He was introduced by Brad Sheafer from Colorado State University.


Jim Wahlberg BSW Student Scholar Award


The recipient of the Jim Wahlberg Scholar Award is Lauren Paul Smitherman, a graduate of Taylor University and student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  Ms Smitherman received a full scholarship from the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, presented by Dean Paula Allen-Meares of the University of Michigan.  She was chosen for this award based upon her work to promote social justice, equality, and empowerment.




The annual BPD Banquet was held on Saturday evening, and culminated in an exquisite desert buffet that will be long remembered by those attending.


Breakfast and CEU Workshop


The last event of the conference was a breakfast on Sunday morning, followed by a CEU workshop on immigration issues presented by a panel composed of Sally Alonzo Bell, Janlee Wong, and Claudia Dorrington.


Back to Destin


This was BPD’s last fall conference.  We will be moving our conference to the spring in 2008.  We are going back to Destin (March 5 – 9, 2008) to celebrate BPD’s 25th Conference.  Mark your calendars now, and don’t miss this exciting celebration!

Conference highlights are next...

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BPD Update Online, Volume 29, No. 1, Winter, 2007

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