BPD Update Online, Winter 2007
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Sharing knowledge, ideas & research to promote
undergraduate social work education & practice

Grafton H. Hull, Ed.D., MSW
University of Utah

Managing Editor
Kristine Moreno, MSW
BPD Program Coordinator/Managing Editor of JBSW

The Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work is a refereed journal emphasizing contributions of the baccalaureate community in promoting the continuing development and excellence of baccalaureate social work education and practice. To this end, the journal facilitates sharing of a wide range of experiences, knowledge, ideas, and research as well as other matters related to this mission. The journal is committed to nurturing scholarship, contributing to the knowledge base of social work, advocating for professional practice, and developing leadership within the baccalaureate community.


Manuscripts are solicited from the entire baccalaureate community and invited from other educators, researchers, and practitioners focusing on baccalaureate social work education and practice issues. Particularly sought are manuscripts that increase understanding of the roles of baccalaureate educators, practitioners, students, researchers, and administrators; promote high standards of ethical conduct within the profession; and champion the undergraduate practitioner.


Please contact  http://www.sowo.tcu.edu/jbsw for Submission Guidelines


For more information contact:

Kristine Moreno, MSW

Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work

1725 Duke Street, Suite 500

Alexandria, VA 22314


telephone: 703-519-2045


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“Dedicated to the promotion in excellence of Baccalaureate Social Work Education”


JBSW is BPD's Journal, and the premier journal addressing issues related to BSW education...

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BPD Update Online, Volume 29, No. 1, Winter, 2007

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