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IASWR Article on Child Welfare Research Capacity Building

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Joan Levy Zlotnik

The Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research (IASWR) has received support from Casey Family Programs (CFP) to undertake an information gathering effort targeted to enhancing university/agency child welfare research partnerships.  This initial initiative will:

·         Identify existing strategies that result in strong child welfare research partnerships between universities and state or county public agencies.

·         Identify new practical strategies to strengthen child welfare research partnerships between universities and state or county public agencies.

·         Pilot a technical assistance strategy to bring together key players in schools of social work and child welfare agencies to enhance child welfare research capacity and partnerships.

The impetus for this effort emerges from the strategic value that such research partnerships have in enhancing child welfare service delivery and outcomes for children and families; and concern about the lack of a focused strategy and specific funding streams to support child welfare research and the development of the next generation of child welfare researchers.  Casey Family Programs’ support for this effort emerges from their Strategy 2020 that seeks to reduce the number of children in foster care by 50 percent and improve self-sufficiency for those who remain in the system
. CFP seeks to accomplish this through Strategic Consulting, Direct Practice and Public Policy (see http://www.casey.org/AboutCasey/2020Strategy/).

IASWR is gathering information from existing child welfare research centers and university/agency research partnerships, deans & directors of social work education programs and child welfare administrators. A review of child welfare research funding sources, especially support for doctoral students and early career researchers is also underway. 

We would like to also gather input directly from the perspective of child welfare researchers.  Please visit the IASWR website (www.iaswresearch.org) and click on Research Partners to provide information to assist us in our understanding of child welfare research efforts and child welfare university/agency research partnerships. Or you can contact Joan Zlotnik at jlziaswr@naswdc.org or Rebecca Toni Hjelm at rhjelm@naswdc.org to provide input. 

IASWR Website Enhanced

IASWR’s website includes a valuable array of information and resources on how to apply for research grants, funding opportunities, calls for papers, Evidence-Based Practice resources and information on numerous government developed sources of data (e.g. SAMHSA and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).  These are excellent resources to be used by faculty and students when writing grants are helpful tools that can be used in the classroom as well.  For more information visit

For more information, contact Joan Levy Zlotnik, PHD, ACSW, Executive Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research or visit www.iaswresearch.org.  To subscribe to the IASWR listserv, please email listserv@listserv.sc.edu and leave the subject line blank.  In the message line, type subscribe iaswrlst, followed by your first and last name.

Information about Nominations is next...

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BPD Update Online, Volume 30, No. 3, Fall, 2008

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