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Service Integration on the Web
Carol J. Williams, Editor

Carol J. Williams, Editor

Arizona State University’s Partnership for Community Development has joined with the Arizona State Department of Economic Security (DES) to work on the integration of services for children and families.  This effort is detained in the Arizona State University News (http://asunews.asu.edu/20080402_despartnership, accessed 9/27/08)

The Canadian Health Research Foundation has published the results of its work on service integration (
http://www.chsrf.ca/final_research/ogc/mclennan_e.php, accessed 9/27/08)

The Center for Human Services at the University of California has a “Center for Human Services” Page (
http://humanservices.ucdavis.edu/customTraining/Serviceint/index.asp, accessed 9/27/08) that includes content on service integration.

ERIC offers an article on Integrating Education, Health, and Social Services in Rural Communities (
http://humanservices.ucdavis.edu/customTraining/Serviceint/index.asp, accessed 9/27/08).

The International Journal of Integrated Care, a government publication related to nursing, has published a model and a measure for human service integration (
http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1393260, accessed 9/27/08)


The National Governors Association has a page on Service integration (http://www.nga.org/portal/site/nga/menuitem.1f41d49be2d3d33eacdcbeeb501010a0/?vgnextoid=7fa8aa9c00ee1010VgnVCM1000001a01010aRCRD, accessed 9/27/08) which discussed the challenges in service integration related to funding, eligibility, and reporting requirements for federally funded programs.

Promising Practices Network on Children, Families, and Communities, operated by the Rand Corporation, has a Service Integration Page (
http://www.promisingpractices.net/sd2.asp, accessed 9/27/08), gives a definition of service integration.  The page offers links on implementation, evaluation, and decision-making related to service integration.

The Rockefeller Institute of Government has a page on Workforce, Welfare, and Social Services, which includes case studies on Service Integration (
http://www.rockinst.org/research/welfare/case_studies/2column.aspx?id=332, accessed 9/27/08)

Samhsa has published a paper on service integration (
http://coce.samhsa.gov/cod_resources/PDF/OP6-ServicesIntegration-8-13-07.pdf, accessed 9/27/08)

The University of Wisconsin Center for Law and Social Policy has an article by Mark Greenberg and Jennifer L. Noyes about the “Opportunities for Service Integration under Current Law” (
http://www.irp.wisc.edu/publications/focus/pdfs/foc232f.pdf, accessed 9/27/08)

The Welfare Peer Technical Assistance Network has a page on innovative service integration and agency coordination efforts (
http://peerta.acf.hhs.gov/inn_prog/subtopics.cfm?comID=31, accessed 9/27/08)

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