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BPD Institutional Response to the EPAS (cont)
BPD Institutional Response to the EPAS (cont)
BPD Institutional Response to the EPAS (cont)
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President's Report by Mit Joyner, mjoyner@wcupa.edu 610-436-2486

Happy New Year to All!


Happy New Year to All!

This is a special edition of the Update. I would like to thank Ralph Holcomb and the Update Staff for working on this newsletter over the holiday. Without their dedication, this mailing would not of been possible. The BPD board felt that it was necessary to mail an Update this month, regarding the draft EPAS document. Soon you will receive a version of another draft of EPAS from CSWE. As you know we had very little time to respond however, I am proud to announce that the BPD membership responded. The team of Dovyak, Rodenheiser, Burnham, Zeiger and Joyner were able to develop a position for BPD from the material submitted by the membership.

Please read this Update carefully. The entire statement submitted to BPD is included in this Update. The only materials that will not be in the Update are all the letters, emails and surveys that we received. We want all of you to know that all correspondence that we received before Dec. 4 we reviewed and mailed with the document to CSWE. This document resembled a self-study report. We will place the entire document at the BPD booth, at the APM in Dallas for your review. Please know that we also received additional information after the deadline date. The material mailed after Dec. 4 will accompany our next response.

The BPD board is committed to this process and promises to give responses on each draft of the EPAS document. In order to do this we will again call on the BPD membership to solicit how the next document will affect the BSW programs. Please save time during the next semester to write letters,respond to questionnaires and email when the need arises. We will have a BPD session on EPAS at the APM in Dallas.

On a lighter note, we hope you will join BPD in Dallas we are going to have a great time. In fact, word has it that Freddie Avant is working on a secret reception for BPD at the APM. Be prepared and bring your dancing shoes, as BPD is going to have a dancing great time.

If you have not mailed in your 2001 membership, please do this immediately. In order to get all of the BPD mailings you must be a BPD member. We do not want to leave anyone out so please mail the 2001 membership with your dues.

The First BPD Faculty Development Institute this summer at Rutgers is filling up quickly. The Ghana Trip to Africa for BPD Faculty and Family is final planning stages - last report from Esther Langston was that twenty-eight people paid a deposit. In addition, the BPD Board will announce the First BPD Summer Policy Fellow for an undergraduate social work student in this Update. Please look for the criteria by Jack Sellers in this Update and encourage your students to apply. As you can see, BPD is a strong viable organization and serves its membership well. Personally, I would like to thank all of you for shaping an association that will last forever.

I would like to wish all of you a great semester, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Remember if you ever need anything as it relates to BPD, please do not hesitate to call, write, or email.

Mit Joyner
BPD President

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