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Technology Corner: BPD's Newly Updated Web Site

Carol Williams

BPD's web site (Marshall Smith, Webmaster) received a major update just prior to the Denver Conference. The new web site has two major links: Links to Social Work Education Resources (where you will find the Top Four Search Sites for Baccalaureate Social Work Education Information along with a host of other related resources) and Committees, Projects and Programs (where you will find a wealth of information about BPD, its committees, and its services to the membership).

Technology and Distance Learning Committee Web Pages

As part of this website update, the Technology and Distance Learning Committee completed a project that has been underway for over a year: the development of resource web pages for each of the nine CSWE curriculum areas. There is also a page about Free Web Resources, and a page on Distance Learning is being constructed. Each of these web pages links the visitor to an array of web resources on a particular curriculum area. If you have wanted to find online resources for use in your teaching, this is a great place to begin your search!

If you are interested in exploring these new resources, go to the new BPD web page at www.bpdonline.org After you have explored the resources there, and are ready to see the curriculum specific web pages, click on the link for the "Technology and Distance Learning Committee". From that page, click on "subcommittees", and you will be at the page that links you to the new resources for each of the CSWE curriculum areas..

Each Subcommittee has established its web site according to a common template which includes: information on faculty with teaching expertise in the area; links to useful websites; teaching resources, and a "what's new" page.

Committee on Technology and Distance Education

Here are some highlights from the links pages of each of the subcommittees:

* The Field Education Subcommittee's page offers readers links to fieldwork Manuals, Field Web Pages, and other materials provided by Field Directors, Field Coordinators, and Field Liaisons to help improve field programs.

* The Human Diversity Subcommittee has set up links to materials related to age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, disability, family structure, national origin, religion, and other topics.

* The Human Behavior and Social Environment Subcommittee has established links to materials related to various age groups: newborns/early childhood; middle childhood/adolescence; young/middle adulthood; and late adulthood. There is also a link related to human growth and development.

* The Research Subcommittee provides links related to general research, measurement, and statistics.

* The Social Work Values and Ethics Subcommittee has assembled links to: The American Society for Ethics in Education; a website which addresses human subjects issues in research conducted in cyberspace; and materials on teaching ethics.

* The Practice Subcommittee's links are organized around some of the key issues and populations which practice addresses: aging, children and families, criminal justice, disaster work, health, mental health, and substance abuse.

* The Populations-at-Risk Subcommittee has links for materials about gay and lesbian persons, persons of color, and women.

* Finally, The Free Web Resources Subcommittee has provided links which help you to obtain free web space, free email, free listservs, free chat, and free animated graphics

Each of the pages also includes a link that allows visitors to email the Subcommittee Chair to offer suggestions, new resources, and feedback. These pages will continue to be updated, so visit often to keep up to date on the latest resources.

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