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Denver, 2001
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Denver, 2001, Continued
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President's Report

Spencer Zeiger

by Spencer Zeiger


Phone: 907.786.6906

Once again, our conference in Denver has demonstrated that BPD is a powerful force in shaping the future of Social Work Education and Practice. BPDers have every right to take pride in strengthening the Social Work Profession. I doff my hat to the Denver Local Planning and Conference Committees, the Board of Directors, and to all BPDers, for placing an exclamation point on the importance of excellence in Baccalaureate Social Work Education!

From the Wahlberg Memorial Walk/Run; to the presentation of "Opportunities in the Social Work Profession" to local high school students; to Joan Laird and Ann Hartmann's presentation of "Out of the Closet in Social Work Education"; to "Marketing the Social Work Profession"; to the Leadership Forum with Presidents of NASW, NADD, GADE, CSWE, and BPD; to the Ron Federico Silent and Live Auctions; to the Shameless Blues Band; we did it all. Denver was a resounding success!

Keep in mind that proposals for our next conference in Pittsburgh must be postmarked by January 15th, 2002. Complete details may be found on pages 146-148 of the Denver Program, or at BPDONLINE.ORG. Put your heart and soul into your abstracts. Quality proposals are the foundation of a quality conference. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OUR 20TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN PITTSBURGH: OCTOBER 23-27, 2002.

BPD continues to grow. The latest membership numbers reflect a strong commitment to Baccalaureate Social Work Education. Note that all numbers were calculated on December 12, 2001, and are likely to be considerably higher by the time you read this.

2001 Membership:

Associate = 372 (49.4%)
Full = 375 (49.8%)
Emeritus = 5 (.7%)
Lifetime = 1 (.1%)

Total = 753 (100.0%)

We are off to a great start for 2002!

2002 Membership:

Associate = 152 (56.5%)
Full = 115 (43.1%)
Emeritus = 0 (0.0%)
Lifetime = 1 (.4%)

Total = 269 (100.0%)

If you have yet to pay your 2002 dues, please do so as soon as possible. A membership form may be found in this edition of the Update, or at our website: BPDONLINE.ORG. Under our new streamlined membership procedures, all members will be sent reminders and confirmation of membership. If you have any questions about membership, or wish to confirm your current status, please contact my Graduate Assistant, Wanda Katinszky, at Wkatinszky@gci.net or phone her at 907.786.6913.

If you are looking to become more involved as a member of BPD, please consider joining one of our 17 standing committees. We want you and need you. We have room! We are looking for new committee members with energy and innovative ideas. Being an active committee member is also a good entrée to running for a board position or for office. If you are interested in serving, please turn to BPDONLINE.ORG, where our Committee Policy Manual clearly spells out committee goals, objectives, responsibilities, and relationships with the Board of Directors and members of the organization, frequency of meetings, etc, so you will know exactly what to expect.

In my opening address delivered in Denver: "The Power of BPD", I shared my vision of BPD's future. The full text, with Power Point illustrations, is now available on our website. There is also a "movie" version available on CD. Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

Among the ideas presented, I suggested that our current name no longer reflects who we are, what we do, and who we serve. I suggested that we consider changing our name to BPDE (Baccalaureate Program Directors and Educators), to recognize the importance of serving BSW Directors and all BSW Educators. Further, in recognition of the vital role that all BSW Educators fulfill, I suggested that all members of the organization be granted the right to vote and shape our future. Details of these proposals (including pros and cons) as well as additional ideas, may be found in the text of my address.

Clearly, I assume ownership for these ideas. Although I have consulted with members of the Board of Directors, the Board has not yet taken a position on the proposed changes. We will be discussing these ideas at our Board Meeting at the APM in Nashville in February.

I am fully aware that my proposals represent a major shift, one that would require changes in our bylaws. I encourage all BPD members to carefully consider these ideas and let your voices be heard. Your input is needed! Feedback, positive or negative, is a critical component of the democratic process. Consider an open discussion of proposed changes on the BPD Listserv: bpd@listserver.rit.edu. I also encourage you to contact members of the Board of Directors and members of the Bylaws Committee (AKA Nominations Committee) and let your opinions be known. Contact information is available at BPDONLINE.ORG.

For many, 2001 was an arduous year. My best wishes to all of you for a productive 2002. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can improve the quality of Social Work Education and the Social Work Profession. It is an honor to serve as BPD's 14th President. I am excited about the future!

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