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President's Report
Spencer Zeiger

BSW Pride

On July 1, 2003, I will be passing the leadership torch to Anita Curry-Jackson. The Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors will be in very capable hands.

For the past six years I have had the honor of serving as our Treasurer and President. I am pleased with the progress we have made as an organization during this time. As member of BPD, I believe we can hold our heads up high, knowing that we have made tremendous strides toward the achievement of excellence in baccalaureate social work programs and education. BSW Pride!

Below, I will be highlighting some accomplishments that have occurred during my presidency. But clearly, I cannot take sole credit. For without an enthusiastic and dedicated membership, including committee members, board members, and officers, BPD would not be the powerful and influential organization it is today.

* The association has increased membership by 25%, from 654 to 817.

* There has been a dramatic increase in conference attendance (over 900 in Pittsburgh)

* Recognition of the value of BSW as a professional degree has risen within our profession. We have effectively raised the bar for MSW programs and challenged them to come up with curriculum that goes beyond what BSW offers.

* The quality of the BPD Update has been greatly enhanced. It’s time to refer to the Update as BPD’s News Magazine, not a newsletter. Kudos to Ralph Holcomb.

* We have established solid working relationships with the leaders of national social work organizations (CSWE, NADD, GADE, NASW, ASWB). Never before have we had a stronger sense of partnership for building a positive image of social work as a profession. We need to find ways for all social work organizations to pool our resources and speak in one voice. We need to clearly distinguish social work from other professions. Together, more than ever, we are capable of influencing practice, education, advocacy, and research.

* We have developed a solid Strategic Plan that will guide BPD and it’s 18 committees through 2004.

* We have established a committee to review membership structure and its relation to BPD’s mission goal, and objectives.

* We have established a Mentoring Program. To date, we have matched 39 new BSW directors with 39 seasoned BSW directors.

* We have established a follow up session for Sophomore Directors at our annual conference.

* We have established sessions for high school and community college students to learn about SW and SW educational programs at our annual conference.

* With an eye to the future, and sustained financial viability, we have increased revenue sources

* The Baccalaureate Education Assessment Project (BEAP) has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing empirical evidence verifying the effectiveness of BSW education.

BPD continues to grow by number of members, and strength of influence upon BSW education. I have done my best to challenge us to look at who we are as an association, and to explore where we want to go in the future. Being President has been a role filled with challenges; surprises; at times frustration; but for the most part, joy. I take pride in my role as a BSW director and educator. And I hope you do too. BSW Pride - it's a good thing.

Click here to view Spencer Zeiger's Reno/Lake Tahoe Electronic Postcard to BPDers:

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A final note: my heartfelt appreciation to the following friends, family, and colleagues who have been sources of strength and wisdom: Wanda Katinszky; Ralph Holcomb; Doug Burnham; Ginny Cruz; Linda Moore; Larry Ortiz; Beth Sirles; Becky Turner; Jack Sellers; Bob Rivas; Marshall Smith; Joe Schriver; Frank Baskind; Kay Hoffman; Jean Quam; Bogart Leashore; Syril Carlson; Barbara Zeiger; Moses Zeiger; and Henry Zeiger.

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BPD Update Online, Volume 25, No. 2, Spring 2003

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