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Anita Curry-Jackson, Ph.D., President, BPD

President's Report
Anita Curry-Jackson

Greetings!!! Let me start my message by wishing BPD members and other readers of UPDATE a healthy, peace-filled, and prosperous 2004. As we start the New Year, it is a great time to reflect on the past with an eye to the future. Over the first six month of my tenure as President, I am pleased with the progress that we continue to make as an organization. The BPD Officers and Board of Directors are most dedicated to the mission and purpose of BPD. They work tirelessly to
be responsive to the needs of the

In addition to the hard work of BPD Officers and Board of Directors, the accomplishments of BPD must be attributed to the BPD chairpersons and committee members. BPD relies on its committee structure to achieve the goals, objectives and tasks outlined in the Strategic Plan 2002-2004. Currently, BPD has four Standing Committees (membership, conference, program administration and curriculum, and publications and communication), and eleven ad hoc committees (Advocacy/Outreach Committee, Anti-Racism Committee, Archives and History Committee, Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities Committee, Educators and Friends of Lesbian Women and Gay Men, Field Committee, Gerontology Committee, International Committee, Research Committee, Social Work Education Continuum Committee, and Technology Committee). These committees provide the means for broadening the participation of BPD members in the work of the organization. BPD welcomes the participation of members on these committees. BPD feels confident that there is a committee that aligns with each member's interest and expertise.

The focus of this issue of UPDATE is internationalism. BPD has a very active, productive International Committee. The International Committee is to be commended for its outstanding activities. One of the committee's major accomplishments is the development of an excellent website that can assist BPD members with enriching the undergraduate social work curriculum with international content. Social work programs must be vigilant in internationalizing the curriculum and preparing future professional social workers for our global world. Our technological society has opened up undreamed of possibilities. Technology has made it so much easier to transcend the globe and be a ready resource to people around the world. Thus, social work programs must prepare professional social workers who will make a difference in this world because they know and understand the extent to which our world is interdependent - socially, economically, financially, scientifically, and militarily.

Anita Curry-Jackson, President
Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors

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BPD Update Online, Volume 26, No. 1, Winter 2004

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