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Carol J. Williams, Associate Editor

Although the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was not the type of "organization" usually profiled in the Organizational Report feature for the Update, there is a wonderful resource available on the HHS web site that BSW educators may want to learn for their own use and/or to share with their students. Since more than half of the grants awarded by the federal government come from HHS, HHS has become the lead agency in development of a Grants.gov website (http://www.grants.gov).

Click here to go to http://www.grants.gov

There are several features available on this web site.


There is a Central Contractor registry available through Grants.gov which can be used by organizations wishing to apply for funds online. The organization wishing to apply for funds enters its organization information here. If the grant is funded, paperless payments can be initiated through electronic funds transfer (EFT). The link for the registry is: http://www.grants.gov/CCRRegister

Click here to go to the Contractor Registry:


At http://www.grants.gov/Find you will find information on all federal grants. Beginning on November 7, 2003, all federal agencies offering grants must list them on Grants.gov. The Search Grant Synopses link (http://www.grants.gov/FindGrantOpportunities) allows the user to enter key words to search the grants database. When you find a synopsis of a grant that appears relevant to your purposes, you write down the Funding Opportunity number of CFDA number listed for that grant. You then go to the Download Application Packages screen (https://apply.grants.gov/forms_apps_idx.html), enter the number you have recorded on that screen, and download your grant application.

Click here to find grant opportunities:

Click here to download application packages:


The application package can be completed offline, making it possible for the tasks in grant writing to be divided among the members of a team. The application package includes application instructions, but there are also agency instructions that you download separately. The relevant web link is: http://www.grants.gov/CompleteApplication

Click here to go to the "Complete Application Package" page:


When the application has been completed, the "submit application" link becomes active, and you can submit your proposal online. A tracking number will be supplied to you after the proposal is submitted. The "submit application package" information is available at: http://www.grants.gov/SubmitApplication

Click here to submit the application package:


A classroom exercise or field education student assignment is to have individual students or groups of students write grant proposals. If the students can be linked with an existing community organization seeking funds, they can write a real proposal, work with the agency to submit it, and then track the progress of the proposal and (hopefully) have the satisfaction of receiving a grant award. Otherwise, the application can be completed as a classroom/field education exercise just to give students the opportunity to learn about grant writing.

The first step would be for students to research available funding sources on Grants.gov. by selecting a keyword and the searching the database of available grants. Students could then download the application package and agency instructions for the grant they believe to be most relevant to the focus the agency or group has chosen. The groups could then divide the grant application's components among themselves to share the workload of developing the grant proposal.

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BPD Update Online, Volume 26, No. 1, Winter 2004

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