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Carol J. Williams, Associate Editor

Carol J. Williams,
Associate Editor

Social Work and Social Welfare History
Resources on the Web

It is September, and time for newly enrolled BSW students to begin their Introduction to Social Work Courses.  One of the most difficult aspects of teaching beginning students is getting them interested and involved in the historical background of social work and social welfare.  Since this issue of the Update focuses on history, here are some online resources on social work and social welfare history that might be useful in your teaching.  Some are very attractively done, and include graphics and historical photos.  Best of all, these are free resources available to you and your students. 

Advocacy and Organizing (http://www.socialworkers.org/pressroom/features/issue/advocacy.asp)


African Americans In History (http://www.uga.edu/~iaas/History.html)


Celebrate!  Commemorate!  Act!  A Moment in American History (http://www.socialworkers.org/profession/centennial/nieves_0398.htm)


Child Welfare History


Diversity and Equity



From Charitable Volunteers to Architects of Social Welfare



General Fact Sheets:  Social Work History



History of Columbia University School of Social Work



History of Social Work



Jane Addams



Jane Addams Hull House Museum



NASW Code of Ethics



1989 to 1998:  100 Years of

Professional Social Work Centennial Calendar



Picture History:  Social Workers and Reformers



Settlement Houses



School Social Work:  A History



Social Welfare History



Social Welfare History Archives



Social Welfare History Station



Social Welfare Information



Social Work History Links



Social Work in the US



The Social Work History Online Time Line



What Is the History of Social Work? 


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