BPD Update Online, Fall 2003
Organizational Report
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Carol J. Williams, Associate Editor

BPD Update is beginning a new feature with this issue, Organizational Report.  Each issue of the Update will include information on one or more organizations that offer resources useful to Baccalaureate Social Work Educators.  If you know of another organization that should be presented in the Organizational Report, please contact Carol Williams, Associate Editor of the Update at:  caroljwilliams@worldnet.att.net

National Network for Social Work Managers


The Network was formed in 1985 and incorporated in 1987 as a 501c(6) membership organization.  The Network’s website describes notes that it is


the ONLY PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION IN THE NATION dedicated solely to equipping managers to become effective, humanistic leaders.”  (http://www.socialworkmanager.org/membership.htm, retrieved 8/03) 


The organization offers both individual and institutional membership to interested individuals who possess an MSW degree.  There is also a student membership available at a discounted rate.  [Shelly:  Since this goes to BSW educators, would BSW students be eligible for student membership, or should I just cut that part out?]. 


What is even more interesting is that the Network has developed Leadership and Management Practice Standards.  The standards are published on the web at:  http://www.socialworkmanager.org/Standards.htm, April, 2002, making this an excellent website to use in teaching your macro generalist practice classes. 


The Network offers a Certified Social Work Manager Credential (CSWM), built around competency in advocacy, contemporary issues, ethics, evaluation, financial development, financial management, governance, human resource management, planning, program development and management, public/community relations and marketing, and staff development (http://www.socialworkmanager.org/certcomp.htm, retrieved 8/03).  The Academy of Certified Social Work Managers, a subdivision of the larger organization, is responsible for the credential and reviews all applications from prospective CSWM’s.  Since few states offer a social work license geared to macro practitioners, this is a credential that you can recommend to students and alumni whose primary focus is management.


The Network includes an Institute that focuses on research on social work management issues.  Through this Institute, it may be possible for you to locate resources helpful in your research on management issues.  The Network was very helpful in assisting me in collecting data for my sabbatical research on service integration.


Finally, the Network sponsors an annual conference devoted to the exploration of management issues in social work.

Platform statements are next!

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

BPD Update Online, Volume 25, No. 3, Fall 2003

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