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BPD Update Online, Spring 2001
BPD at the APM


Pictured: APM Opening Plenary BPDers Linda Moore and Santos Hernandez were co-chairs.

One of the most exciting things about being a part of BPD for the last decade is watching the growth of the organization both in membership and in influence within the profession. The APM is one arena where the influence of BPD is evident this year. Thanks to Barbara White, President of CSWE, the baccalaureate and graduate programs were equally represented as Linda Moore from TCU and Santos Hernandez from UTA co-chaired the APM. Linda has served on the Commission on Conferences and Faculty Development for the past two years in her role as conference co-chair. Linda also got to introduce the plenary speaker, Jim Hightower, former Railroad Commissioner for Texas and now a writer and commentator for NPR. That was a treat.

Lots of other BPDs were involved in the APM. Under the leadership of Wanda Bracy, the Commission on Conferences and Faculty Development provided a wonderful conference that met the needs of a variety of constituencies including BPD. Carol Williams, a member of the Commission on Conferences and Faculty Development, is responsible for the Media Technology Center. Carol's amazing expertise has helped make the Media Technology Center grow and become a major component of the APM. Carol is also the Associate Editor of the Update. BPD is lucky to have her as a member.

EPAS has made the APM a hotbed of activity. BPD is well-represented on the Commission on Educational with Harry Macy, Patty Ivry and Joseph Schriver and on the Commission on Accreditation with Lynn Adkins, Carolyn Boyd, Jack Sellers, and Rebecca Turner. Please look for more information on draft three from this group of EPAS watchers. Draft 3 is the final draft before the Board of CSWE votes on this important document.
Thanks to the leadership of BPD members, Paul Dovyak, Butch Rodenheiser, Doug Burnham, Spencer Zeiger and Mit Joyner, changes have been made in the document that reflect the concerns of baccalaureate educators. Our organizational skills came to the forefront on this issue. I hope that the next draft will reflect some of the changes members echoed at the APM meeting.

Other activities at APM that reflect the importance of BPDers include several presentations by BPD members on EPAS and Distance Education. The Presidents' Council initiated by our own President Mit Joyner, along with Barbara White, CSWE; Bogart Leashore, NADD; Ruth Madden, NASW and Rowena Wilson, GADE, made a stirring presentation. The leaders talked about the various opportunities for social work education by working with the various associations on common issues and concerns. It was evident at the presentation that each president respected the other as colleagues, as leaders and as friends..

The APM had a coffee break each day this year. BPD sponsored a DeeJay on Friday evening, thanks to Freddie Avant. The BPD board performed a dance, choreographed by Doug Burnham, it was a must see event. Mit Joyner and Jack Sellers found their usual spot on the dance floor. Rochelle Gershenow joined them and she danced for at least two hours non-stop. Social Work Educators from all the groups NADD, GADE, CSWE, NASW, and of course BPD members attended and danced the night away. Everyone just had a great time dancing with BPD.

The next evening the festivities continued when CSWE sponsored an Old Fashion Texas Band. Rochelle danced again with her new dance partner Jack. This time RosieLee and Scott joined the dance floor while Don Beless loosened his tie and just watched in awe.

All in all, the trip to Dallas was a great one for learning, networking, socializing and providing another opportunity to hang out with the greatest group of social work educators out there. Thanks y'all.


Pictured Above: Council of Presidents, BPD President Mit Joyner, Center

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