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BPD Update Online, Spring 2001

Committee Reports

Advocacy and Outreach Committee; Jack Sellers, Chair

The BPD Advocacy and Outreach Committee met recently at the CSWE_APM. The main order of business was to update committee members and conference participants on the status of the National Center for Social Work Research in the 107th Congress. Everyone is encouraged to contact group members of Congress and ask them to support HB663 or SB70. We need more Republican cosponsors! At APM over 700 letters were sent to Congress from social work educators attending the meeting. Other committee business related to BPD's role with IASWR and ANSWER as we continue to support both organizations. We are also requested on the Congressional Fellows Selection Committee. The Committee reaffirmed its purpose which is to identify issues of interest to BPD that are legislative on policy in nature and organize BPD members to participate in advocacy efforts.

BPD International Committee; Julia Guevara Chair

The BPD International Committee met in Dallas, Texas at APM on Friday, March 2, 2001. Several items were discussed including the progress made toward committee goals. The Committee is involved in three major initiatives, which it hopes to complete within the next 4 to 6 months. The first initiative is the establishment of a BPD International Committee listserve. We hope to have the listserve up and running in the next month. Look for more information on this within the next few weeks on the BPD listserve. Tim Rehner from University of Southern Mississippi is spearheading this project.

The second initiative is the development of a BPD International Committee website which will link to the BPD website. The website will provide BPD members with information on the International Committee's goals, objectives, new projects, committee policies and procedures. The Committee also intends to use the website as the place where BPD members can go to identify international educational opportunities available to BSW students and faculty. The International Committee intends post information from a soon to be mailed questionnaire to centralize international social work opportunities on its' website.

This leads to the International Committee's third initiative. In an effort to centralize a comprehensive listing of international social work opportunities Tim Rehner (SSM) and Barry Mickey of University of Findlay, OH will be mailing out to all accredited BSW programs a questionnaire titled, BSW Study Abroad. The questionnaire is organized around two general types of course - Travel/Study Abroad Course and Field Placement Abroad. You may recall completing the questionnaire last spring/summer and if you dis so then there is no need to repeat your work. This direct snail mailing is an attempt to generate a response from those programs that were unable to participate in the first round of responses. When the questionnaire lands on your desk please take the time to provide the International Committee with your information. Again, the results of this project will be posted on the Committee's website for you to explore and take advantage of. There are numerous international study opportunities for BSW students, however, there is not central location where this information can be readily accessed. Please help us in this effort. The International Committee will meet in Denver at the Annual BPD Conference.

Program Administration and Curriculum Development Committee; Mohammad Hoque, chair

The Program Administration and Curriculum Development committee has been working diligently on different frontiers in promoting undergraduate social work education. Its current major activities surround (a) EPAS, (b) Ghana Trip, (c) Faculty Development Institute, (d) BEAP, and (e) inclusion of the Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work(JBSW) in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI)

Since the publication of the first draft of the EPAS by the CSWE, the committee has been working with the BPD leadership to make sure the voice of the BSW is heard by the CSWE. In the interim between the first and second revision of the EPAS draft, the EPAS review project by Paul Dovyak and Roy Rodenhiser summarized the returns of Membership Survey-01 and Membership Survey-02. The results were included in a summary analysis report forwarded to BPD leadership to include in its organizational response to CSWE. This report in its entirety will be published in the next BPD update. Dovyak also participated in a CSWE-APM session reviewing EPAS by BPD, attended by 85 concerned members. It is our hope that at least one additional analysis, summary and survey will be needed to respond to the next scheduled draft of the EPAS. The committee appreciates special efforts of Paul Dovyak and Roy Rodenhiser, and each and every feedback from BPD members.

The 1 st BPD International Conference trip is scheduled for Ghana from July 7 to 19, 2001. As of this date, there are 38 participant including 10 students. Limited space is still available. Anyone interested in traveling with BPD to Ghana should contact Esther Langston at elangston@ccmail.nevada.edu. The Conference cost including Round Trip Airfare from New York, hotel, taxes, fees, and meals as noted is $2400.00 for double occupancy and $2900.00 single.

The Faculty Development Institute for June 2001 has been canceled by the BPD Board of Directors, and it will be rescheduled for Summer 2002. All deposits for June 2001 FDI will be refunded. Sandra Stark of Western Kentucky University has joined the committee to crusade this effort.

The BEAP is doing extremely well. The BEAP committee has been overwhelmed by the demand for the instrument. They are putting extra efforts to catch up with the needs of BPD members.

Dean May has been corresponding with the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), the publisher of the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), to include the Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work (JBSW) in the SSCI. He has sent them the last three issues of the journal for their review. ISI needs approximately one or two more issues before making a decision on inclusion of the JBSW in the SSCI. The committee appreciates Dean Mays's efforts to place the JBSW to a higher level.

The committee is looking for further avenues to serve the BPD family better. The committee welcomes new ideas and volunteers.

BPD Field Education Committee; Vicki Williams, Chair

The BPD Field Education Committee was established in January, 2000 and met for the first time at the CSWE 46th APM to establish goals, objectives, task, membership and plan activities in providing recommendations for undergraduate BSW social work field education. The present goals of the committee are to:

1. Interpret the needs of undergraduate social work field education to BPD Board;
2. Create networking systems for field directors/coordinators via directory listing, website, listserve, surveys and identifying common needs such as a need for increased technology to access BSW programs, and agencies and identifying gatekeeping and legal issues relative to disabilities of students;
3. Establish pre-conference training sessions at BPD conferences;
4. Identify outcome assessment and evaluation procedures/instruments for undergraduate social work field education;
5. Develop program professional policies relative to ""screening-out"" of students based on personal behavior, non-academic performance, and termination of students linked to educational objectives;
6. Develop a general statement responding to the new Curriculum Policy Statements of the CSWE accreditation educational policy.

The members of the BPD Field Education Committee, 2000-2002 are Vicki Gardine Williams, Co-Chair, Tennessee State University; Rebecca Peel, Co-Chair, Stephen F. Austin State University; Janet Bradley, West Chester University; Barbara Cohen, California State Univ-Long Beach; Miriam Raskin, George Mason University; Sue Scher, Ramapo College of New Jersey; Wanda Wahnee Priddy, University of Arkansas; Nancy Udolph, Ashland University; Dick Freer, Arkansas State University; and Barbara Coats, University of Illinois, Chicago.

During the past academic year, the committee has conducted pre-conference training at the 2000 BPD conference in Destin, Florida on process and outcome assessment and evaluation and arranged and sponsored another workshop with Dr. Nancy Randolph of CSWE as a panel presenter on field education and the new Curriculum Policy Statement (EPAS). The participant responses were mostly positive with many of them stating that the workshops were helpful and informative.

The committee also conducted a survey of field directors with 45 responses received which identified the needs of the field directors which has assisted the committee in identifying future topics for pre-conferences and conference presentation. The survey responses are available to all BPD members. The committee was also able to obtain responses to the first and second draft of the new EPAS included in the BPD Institutional Response to the Proposed EPAS.

The committee has developed a website which will be linked to the BPD website by the end of April 2001 and reactivated the field directors'' listserve. For further information on website, and to subscribe to listserve, one can contact Sue Scher at sscher@ramapo.edu. The developed field education directory will be placed on the website and ""hard copies"" could be purchased at a minimum cost.

The committee will conduct another pre-conference training and additional workshop at the BPD 2001 conference on ""Gatekeeping and Legal Issues"" and field education. For further information on the BPD Field Education Committee, please contact Vicki Gardine Williams and Rebecca Peel, Co-Chairs at vwilliams@tnstate.edu and bpeel@sfasu.edu.

Membership Committee; Co-Chair, Spencer Zeiger

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to develop and maintain membership services, including retention of existing members, and recruitment of new members. We are dedicated toward achieving maximum representation form all exixting BSW programs.

Please note that our membership year begins on January 1st. You may be accustomed to paying dues at our annual fall conference, but if you wait until then, you'll lose out on issues of the Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work and the Update. If you joined at the conference in Destin (paying 2000 dues), most likely you are NOT a current (2001) member!

According to our latest (March 23) membership report, almost half of you have yet to join for 2001. We had 663 members in 2000. To date, we have only 386 for 2001. WE REALLY NEED YOU!! Please check the list of 2001 members (see below), and if you are not on it, join. Help strengthen the voice of BPD.

You may use the membership form in this issue of Update, or join online at bpdonline.org (go to Membership Committee, then Membership Form). If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact me at afsjz@uaa.alaska.edu or Lois Pierce at piercel@umsl.edu.

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