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BPD Update Online, Spring 2001
Platform Statements of Candidates for BPD Offices

Candidates for Board Member-at-large:

Position One:

Renee Daniel C.S.W., Chairperson, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work & Sociology, Daemen College, Amherst (Buffalo), New York 14226

When I think of the possibility of serving my fellow baccalaureate educators on the Board I become very excited. Perhaps it is the eternal activist in me that is ready and willing to face the challenges currently before our profession. Or maybe it is the pioneer spirit in me that is always discussing visions and dreams for our profession. I have been a baccalaureate social work educator for fourteen years, the Chairperson of the Department for thirteen of those years and I have been involved with BPD for at least eleven years serving the membership in various capacities. I served as a member and also Chairperson of the publications committee when BPD published its first book, and the journal for BPD was introduced to the membership. As the first Exhibits Coordinator I developed the exhibition hall which resulted in an significant increase in exhibitors at our annual meeting. I will contribute to BPD and social work education my energy dedication and commitment to the fact that we must bring forth education that produces social work pioneers and visionaries from the ranks of faculty and students that will solve the nineteenth century problems that continue to plague us in the 21st century. BPD has become the voice singing this song and I desire to add my voice.

Kim-Anne Perkins, Associate Professor/ Program Director, Bachelor of Social Work Program, University of Maine at Presque Isle, Presque Isle, Maine

My association with the social work education and specifically BPD began in 1992, when I attended my first Association meeting in San Antonio, Texas. I had been hired to develop and direct a Bachelor of Social Work program at a remote rural campus. Prior to that time, my interaction with other social work educators had been minimal, as the nearest college was over 150 miles away. I was immediately struck by how valuable that interaction was and how energizing it was to be with other people devoted to the educational aspect of social work. I have a strong sense of affiliation with BPD because I believe the organization understands where I am coming from and what I need in order to do my job as a social work educator in the best possible way.

As BPD member-at-large, I believe I could represent the constituency that comes from programs that work with students from rural areas of our nation. One of my strengths that has come from living and working in a rural area all my life, is networking. In particular, I am interested in promoting stronger relationships between social work educators, NASW, and licensure boards. As the soon to be President elect of the Maine chapter of NASW and a former Chair of the state licensure board, I believe the profession of social work needs to form better collaborative relationships between all those parties that are invested in its definition and practice.

As an educator, my students challenge me to practice my profession, not only in the classroom, but through community and social action. Through membership on the board of BPD I would appreciate the opportunity to work at another level of the profession, through the promotion and advocacy for quality social work education at the Baccalaureate level.

Position Two:

Joel R. Ambelang, Director, baccalaureate social work program, Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, WI., since June, 1992.

I received my Master of Science degree in Community Development from the School of Social Work, Department of Regional and Community Affairs, June 2, 1970.
Member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW).
Certified Independent Social Worker (CISW), State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing.

Member of BPD since 1992.
Membership Committee since 1997.

I think I am uniquely qualified to be Board Member-at-large because I have come into social work education from social services administration and macro-practice settings. I have maintained currency with the BSW marketplace and understand the job environment into which we send our students. My professional experience has been macro-practice. BPD's purpose and process is macro-practice. When I came into social work education in 1992 I had much to learn and BPD is where I learned. I was responsible for the accreditation of the Concordia social work program which was initially accredited in 1997.

BPD is a dynamic organization which has much to offer baccalaureate social work educators and administrators: leadership, development and support, innovation, advocacy and collaboration, research, diversity, and global awareness. Everything I learned about being a baccalaureate program director I learned from BPD beginning with a phone call to Harry Macy. I am close enough to my roots to appreciate the experience of new directors, and affiliated with BPD long enough to understand how we walk the talk.

Paul Dovyak, BSW Program Director, University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio

I am currently Professor of Social Work and have served as the BSW Program Director at the University of Rio Grande (Ohio) for the past twenty-three years. My MSW was earned at West Virginia University and I have sustained advanced licensure and certification in clinical social work. Concurrent with teaching, I have pursued advanced generalist practice experience in mental health, MR/DD, Head Start, health care, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS case management.

I have been a member of BPD and attended each annual program for the past ten years. Most recently my membership on the Program Administration and Curriculum Development Committee has guided my efforts on the EPAS Review Project. I have been most proactive in contributing to an analysis of the implication of the proposed revisions for baccalaureate education. This process has also led to my eagerness to pursue a representative position on the BPD Board.

I am convinced that the contributions of baccalaureate social work education to the profession have been transformative. I believe this success is grounded in our fidelity to the mission of social work and the validity of our preparation of students for practice. Our growth to nearly 465 accredited programs is tremendous testimony to responding to the diversity of community in our nation. While our accreditation standards struggle to provide definition and innovation, the story of our success is primed as a standard for the next decade. We are in a position to provide the leadership, determination and follow-through that can craft the collaboration and resolution with all, to whose table we come.

I will be outspoken and consistent in my contribution. I appreciate your consideration.

Position Three:

Jane Hoyt-Oliver, Chair, Department of Social Work, Malone College, Canton, Ohio

Ms. Hoyt-Oliver is Chair, Department of Social Work, Malone College, Canton Ohio where she has taught since 1984. She received her AA from Pine Manor College, BA and MSW from Syracuse University. While at Syracuse, she served as a student representative on the committee that initiated the development of the BSW program. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate at Case Western Reserve University. She is a licensed Independent Social Worker in the State of Ohio and has been ACSW certified since 1981. Areas of practice expertise include crisis intervention and medical social work. She was honored as Social Worker of the Year by Ohio-NASW in 2000.

Personal Statement:

I have been a member of BPD since assuming the position of Chair at Malone. I have been impressed by the cooperative spirit of cooperation that exists within the organization, as well has the strong advocacy role the organization plays in the institutional life of social work programs. As a Chair of a small program within a faith-based college, I have worked to integrate and uphold social work professional values within the learning context of the school. I believe that all programs should uphold and enhance the emerging concerns and issues of the profession. I would work diligently to strengthen both baccalaureate social work education and the BPD.

Dorothy Stratton, MSW, ACSW, LISW (State of Ohio), Department chair/Program director, Ashland University Department of Social Work, Ashland, Ohio

I am an MSW social worker who has directed a small baccalaureate program for 15 years. I teach the macro-practice courses and definitely have an activist persuasion. I am a strong advocate for baccalaureate programs. As a board member, I would unhesitatingly represent the interests of baccalaureate programs whenever necessary. Through the years of being involved in BPD, I have seen it become an important factor in the increasing quality of undergraduate social work programs. It has also become an influential political force representing baccalaureate needs and issues to CSWE and an advocate for social justice in the social welfare policies of the nation. I have served as president of my state's social work educators' organization and as a member of BPD's Ron Federico Memorial Lecture selection committee. Now I would like to serve the BPD constituency in a broader and more active capacity. If elected, I will serve!

Position Four (to represent Associate/Emeritus membership)

Sandra J. Mills, ACSW, LCSW, DCSW, Ed D candidate, Assistant Professor & Field Work Coordinator, University of Illinois at Springfield, Springfield, Illinois

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the BSW program at the University of Illinois in Springfield (UIS), where I have been employed for 7 years. I have designed and taught a variety of classes, while developing our CSWE accredited BSW program; however, my primary teaching areas are macro practice and field work. I have been involved with BPD for over 5 years, attending conferences and presenting papers. I am also an active participant on the BPD list serve and the UIS contact for "Influencing State Policy". In addition to learning "all I ever wanted to know" about CSWE accreditation standards and processes, I have enjoyed my position as field work coordinator. This role has afforded me the opportunity to stay in touch with the practice community as well as a stimulating network of field work directors. Additionally I am the lobbyist for the Illinois Chapter of NASW, a position I have held for 10 years. In this capacity, I have coordinated 5 statewide student lobby days.

I entered academia late in my social work career, after spending 20+ years in an array of social work settings, including mental health, family services, school social work, child welfare and administration, and private practice. I believe my extensive background in a variety of areas and my expertise in teaching and working in public policy can help bridge the academic/practice gap and contribute to the macro efforts of BPD. I am enthused about the social work profession's attempts to engage students in the vital policy arena. I feel that undergraduate education is the backbone and the future of the social work profession and I am anxious to work with BPD to advance our status within social work education.

Wanda Wahnee Priddy, Ph.D., ACSW, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Dept. of Sociology, Social Work, & Criminal Justice, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

This new Board position is important because the associate membership provides future leadership not only for the Association but also for baccalaureate social work education. Associate members support BPD and are affected by decisions the Board makes concerning the direction of baccalaureate social work education. As representative of the Associate membership of the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors, I will provide a voice and be a conduit for baccalaureate level social work faculty in terms of issues and concerns in baccalaureate social work education.

Candidates for the Nominations Committee:

Region VI:

Anthony M. Maltese L.C.S.W., Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut


PhD. (Candidate)
The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio
Doctorate in Social Work, expected completion October, 2001

M.S.W. (1973)
University of Connecticut, West Hartford, CT.

B.A. (1970)
Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT.

Major in History


Current Positions at Southern Connecticut State University:

Assistant Professor and BSW Program Coordinator ( Currently on leave from the coordinators position) , responsible for teaching in the BSW program.

As coordinator responsible for carrying out the policy of the department in regards to the BSW Program, including admissions, student advisement, curriculum development,
student assistance and retention.

I am a candidate for a position on the BPD Nominations Committee. At SCSU I have served on the departments Elections and By-Laws Committee as well as the Personnel Committee. I have also served on the Nominations Committee for American Association of University Professors, Southern Chapter. On both committee's I was responsible for interviewing and assessing the strengths of candidate's and matching them to the needs of the organization. I feel my work in this area makes me qualified to serve on the BPD Nominations Committee.

I recognize the strength of any organization is dependent on it's membership and the active involvement of that membership. Although this is the first position I have applied for with BPD, I have attended several conferences and feel I can contribute to the organization by identifying faculty willing to work strengthening BSW education by continuing to build a strong association.

Roy W. Rodenhiser (Butch) MSW, Ed.D, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

Dear BPD members: I am pleased to be nominated as a member of the Nominations Committee of the BPD. I am chair of the Department of Social Work at Rochester Institute of Technology. I hold an MSW degree from Our Lady of the Lake University and a doctorate in educational administration from the University of Southern California. I worked in the private and public sector for 17 years prior to serving as a BSW program director. As an 11-year member of BPD and a social worker for over 25 years, I welcome this opportunity to contribute to my profession. I am currently a member of the Program and Administration Committee of BPD. I have held numerous leadership positions in our profession including being President of two NASW chapters (North Dakota and International). I will bring to the committee 25+ years of social work knowledge and experience. With my relationships with colleagues in BPD, NASW, and CSWE, I believe I will be able to provide quality input in developing leadership in our organization. I work well with others and will bring a collaborative attitude to the committee. I support BPD's active role in other key social work organizations such as CSWE, NASW, IASSWR and other collaborative ventures that support the mission of baccalaureate education and advance our profession as a whole. I also support assessment and outcomes measurement for the profession and will continue to work on our BPD Baccalaureate Educational Assessment Project (BEAP) that I have participated in developing with my BPD colleagues.

Region III:

Sue Steiner, Associate Professor and BSW Program Coordinator, Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona

I am an Associate Professor and BSW Program Coordinator at Arizona State University. I have an MSW and Ph.D. in Social Welfare. I taught for two years at Whittier College in a small, BSW only program, and have been at ASU in a large, combined program for five years. While at Whittier I served as Director of Field for two years and Acting Director for a year, and have been the BSW Program Coordinator at ASU for three years. I have had the opportunity to share responsibility for the CSWE re-accreditation process at both institutions. I have a good understanding of BSW program issues, BSW curricular issues, and accreditation issues faced by both large and small programs

I teach primarily in the areas of community practice and social policy, and have an interest in non-traditional teaching methods including cooperative learning and learning communities. I have conducted research and written in the area of teaching methods in social work education. As a program administrator, I am particularly interested in curriculum development, recruitment, gate-keeping, and diversity issues. I have been a member of BPD for three years, and have attended and presented at BPD conferences. I would bring creativity, energy, and a passion for undergraduate education to my work with BPD. I would also bring experience with the strengths and struggles of both small and large BSW programs.

Kate Wambaugh, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas

I am an Associate Professor and the Undergraduate Program Director at the University of Texas at Austin. My clinical background is in mental health and substance abuse treatment and I hold an MSW (1980) and PhD (1992) from Florida State University. I am relatively new to BPD (joined in 1999) and excited for the opportunity to become more involved and active in this organization

When I got my BS in Psychology (Purdue University, 1973), I had never heard of the field of social work. Nonetheless, I went out and worked in several social services agencies even though I had little to no preparation from my education that would enable me to serve my clients adequately. Unfortunately, things haven't changed. The majority of service provision, particularly in the public arena, is provided by people with a bachelor's level education (or less).

In the interest of social justice and particularly clients in publicly funded social services, I am committed to strengthening BSW educational programs. First, we must continue to produce competent generalist practitioners. Next, we must use our advocacy skills to insure BSW graduates receive preference in hiring for these front-line social services jobs. Finally, as we accomplish these tasks, we must insure that we can provide the volume of BSWs that will be needed.

To accomplish these goals, social work educators must continue to clarify the differences between BSW and MSW practitioners and unite to advocate for both our graduates and their future clients.

I think BPD should take leadership in this effort and I personally want to be part of the process.

Remember to vote for the candidates of your choice!!

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