BPD Update Online, Spring 2002
New Gerontology Opportunities for Baccalaureate Programs
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The John A. Hartford Foundation, through the Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education Project, has funded 24 baccalaureate programs to plan for the implementation of aging-rich learning opportunities for BSW students. Combined with the number of joint programs funded (e.g. Projects that proposed changes in both undergraduate and graduate curricula), 54 undergraduate programs now have additional resources to prepare BSW students for working effectively with older adults and their families. This represents 80 percent of the total number of proposals funded. The long-term goal of all projects is to ensure that BSW level social workers are prepared for the roles and responsibilities necessary to enhance the health and well being of older adults and their families in a rapidly aging society. .

The focus of the Geriatric Enrichment project is on organizational and curriculum change, and complements the CSWE Strengthening Aging and Gerontology Education for Social Work (SAGE-SW) project that provides faculty with curriculum content for infusion into foundation courses. During their planning year, the Geriatric Enrichment projects are engaged in an intensive change process with key stakeholders (deans/directors, faculty, students, practicum instructors) to expand the number, quality and sustainability of aging-rich learning experiences (in classroom curricula, field practica, lectures, presentations and other activities).

A thorough, careful review process was used to select successful proposals. Each proposal was reviewed by a three member team: an advisory board member, an applicant, and a mentor from the Hartford Scholars Program. Three members of the national advisory board then reviewed most proposals a second time as a basis for their recommendations during a three-day meeting at the Hartford Foundation.

The two primary criteria that guided the review process were pervasiveness of gerontological learning opportunities (will reach the majority of undergraduate social work students) and long-term sustainability after the funding has ended. Other criteria of successful proposals:

- Reconceptualize aging content in terms of crosscutting themes and as normative

- Awareness of the process of change, especially recognizing structural barriers to change and obtaining widespread buy-in from key stakeholders (faculty, students, field instructors, practitioners and older adults)

- Goals grow out of the program's particular mission and fit with its culture and context

- Committed and sustainable social work leadership able to obtain faculty's buy-in

- Generation of community, including enthusiasm/excitement about the project

- Knowledge of how to access assistance (gerontological expertise and knowledge of the change process) needed to move toward goals

- Programs will ultimately enhance the health and well being of older people through graduates with gerontological social work knowledge, skills and values.

The Geriatric Enrichment staff is conducting regional workshops for project directors during March, April and May. These will focus on the processes needed to create sustainable change, on identifying how project staff and advisory board members can assist projects with their initiatives, and on creating effective communication networks among the funded projects.

Four project directors, one from each of the geographic regions, will present a workshop at BPD on Friday, October 25th. Please plan on attending to learn more about ways each of you can create aging rich learning opportunities for your students.

For additional information about the Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education Project, please contact the project office: 206.221.HART (4278) or gerorich@u.washington.edu

Here is a list of programs. Each program is listed as follows:

Program Name - Project Director(s) - Type

1. Azusa Pacific - Sally Alonzo Bell - BSW
2. Ball State University - Ronald Dolon - BSW
3. Bridgewater State College - Gary Calhoun - BSW
4. Calvin College - Cheryl Brandsen - BSW
5. College of Mount St. Joseph - Judy Singleton - BSW
6. George Mason University - Molly Davis - BSW
7. Georgia State University - Sadhna Diwan - BSW
8. Hood College - Joy Swanson Ernst - BSW
9. Lehman College - Patricia Kolb - BSW
10. Long Island University, Brooklyn - Francine Conway & Samuel Jones - BSW
11. Marshall University - Jody Gottlieb - BSW
12. Metropolitan State College of Denver - Virginia Cruz - BSW
13. Michigan State University - Diane Levande - BSW
14. Morgan State - Anna McPhatter - BSW
15. North Carolina State University - Cheryl Waites - BSW
16. Northwestern State, Louisiana - Wade Tyler - BSW
17. Plymouth State College - Stephen Gorin - BSW
18. Shippensburg University - Helen Miltiades - BSW
19. University of Montana - Cindy Garthwait - BSW
20. University of North Texas - Harriet Cohen - BSW
21. University of Wisconsin - Green Bay - Doreen Higgins - BSW
22. West Chester University - Eli DeHope - BSW
23. Winthrop University - Paul Dezendorf - BSW
24. Wright State University - Anita Curry-Jackson - BSW
25. Barry University - Toby Berman-Rossi - Joint
26. Baylor University - Dennis Myers - Joint
27. California State University, Chico - Alberta Dooley - Joint
28. California State University, Long Beach - Molly Ranney - Joint
29. California University of Pennsylvania - Mary Hart - Joint
30. College of St. Catherine & The University of St. Thomas - W. Randolph Herman - Joint
31. Colorado State University - Victor Baez - Joint
32. Eastern Washington University - Maria Hernandez-Peck - Joint
33. Indiana University - Margaret Adamek - Joint
34. Saint Louis University - Marla Berg-Weger - Joint
35. Southern Connecticut State University - Jack Gesino - Joint
36. Southern Illinois University - Elaine Jurkowski - Joint
37. SUNY, Brockport - Debra Fromm Faria - Joint
38. Syracuse University - Eric Kingson - Joint
39. University at Albany - Lani Jones & Susan Sherman - Joint
40. University of Alabama - Lucinda Lee Roff - Joint
41. University of Georgia - Stacy Kolomer - Joint
42. University of Illinois @ Chicago - Barbara Coats - Joint
43. University of Iowa - Lorraine Dorfman - Joint
44. University of Kansas - Rosemary Chapin & Holly Nelson Becker - Joint
45. University of Maine - Len Kaye - Joint
46. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Esther Langston - Joint
47. University of Oklahoma - Sandra K. Edge-Boyd - Joint
48. University of Pittsburgh - Patricia Kolar - Joint
49. University of Southern Indiana - Iris Phillips - Joint
50. University of Southern Mississippi - Michael Forster - Joint
51. University of Tennessee - Colleen Galambos - Joint
52. University of Texas, Austin - Shirley Haulotte - Joint
53. University of Vermont - Fiona Patterson - Joint
54. Widener University - Robin Goldberg-Glen - Joint

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