BPD Update Online, Spring 2002
IASWR Collaborates With BPD in DC
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Joan Levy Zlotnic, PhD, ACSW, Executive Director, IASWR

The Institute for the Advancement for Social Work Research (IASWR) is working closely with BPD leaders and members to bring greater attention to the role of BSW social workers in key areas of service delivery, including aging and child welfare. At the 2001 BPD conference IASWR led a pre-conference institute for program directors and field directors on accessing funding opportunities. It included information about the Hartford Geriatric Enrichment Program, providing attendees with tools that resulted in successful grantsmanship for many. We hope to repeat the session on accessing diverse funding opportunities at the BPD Conference in Pittsburgh.

IASWR is also working with the BPD Research Committee on technical assistance and identifying ways to enhance the involvement of BSW students and faculty in funded research projects. Increasingly there are interdisciplinary opportunities - for example, Morgan State University is working on an interdisciplinary NIH funded project to encourage minority psychology and social work students toward research careers. In Washington, we are active in efforts to increase resources for behavioral and social science research, and hope that more social workers will benefit from these expanded resources.

IASWR is an information resource for you. Subscribe to our weekly listserv, IASWR Listserv Announcements, which provides information on funding opportunities, conferences, calls for papers, and fellowships.

To subscribe: Email: Listserv@vm.sc.edu

Leave the subject line blank. In the message type: SUBSCRIBE iaswrlst followed by your first and last name or go to our website www.iaswresearch.org and click on listserv.

IASWR has also launched a new newsletter - visit our website at


to view the first two issues of IASWResearch.Reports.Resources. Our website provides other useful information on successful grantsmanship and funding sources as well as back issues of our Listserv Announcements.

To help strengthen the connections between research and practice, IASWR, along with the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) and the World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers (WWWRSW) has created a monthly "alert" service, Information for Practice (IP). The mission of WWWRSW and IP is to help social workers obtain web based information that will provide new information for practice. To sign up for IP send a blank email message to the following address: join-information-for-practie@forums.nyu.edu. BPDers will find the listserv, newsletters and alert service useful for themselves and their students.

IASWR is looking forward to hosting the 2002 BPD Summer Policy Fellow. This is a great opportunity for a BSW student to spend a summer working closely with IASWR and NASW staff, working on national policy issues and helping to strengthen connections between research and practice. A main focus of the activities will include working to promote attention to social work research from federal sources.

IASWR recently facilitated a meeting with social work representatives and the Director of the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research at NIH, to discuss future opportunities for collaboration. As part of the ANSWER coalition, we also recently met with representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss ways to more formally work together. Active engagement with government agencies is critical, to create greater visibility for the contribution of social work, and to provide more opportunities for social workers to make a contribution.

IASWR is also seeking information on social workers who serve on federal review panels, task forces and advisory boards. If you or your faculty are currently serving on such a panel, or recently did so - please let us know.

Email the information to iaswr@naswdc.org.

If you have questions or need additional information, please let us know. Our collaboration with BPD creates greater visibility for the contribution of BSW social workers to the delivery of health and human services throughout our country.

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