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Research Committee, Andrea Stewart, Chair

The BPD Research Committee held a meeting on February 26, 2002 during the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The Research Committee members present discussed funding resources and research opportunities for baccalaureate faculty. One of the Research Committee members who served as a reviewer of grant proposals for the John A. Hartford Foundation's Geriatric Enrichment Initiative indicated that out of 67 grant proposals funded, about one-half were funded to baccalaureate programs. The Research Committee plans to compile a resource directory of funding institutions, including foundations, and research initiatives available for baccalaureate faculty. On behalf of the Research Committee, two committee members are initiating a survey requesting baccalaureate faculty to provide information regarding their research activities, types of research, and funding sources. A brief written report of initial data collected was submitted during the meeting. Additional time will be allotted for baccalaureate faculty to respond to the survey, which was presented on the BPD list serve. The Research Committee plans to conduct a panel during the next BPD Conference to provide an opportunity to share the aforementioned research findings and to exchange information.

Research Committee Report from November 2001

The Research Committee met on November 1, 2001 at 10:30 a.m. at the BPD Conference in Denver, Colorado. Andrea Stewart and Murali Nair conducted the meeting. The following committee members were present: Sally Alonzo Bell Sonya Monroe, Rick Voss, Nicholas Cooper-Lewter and Carol Boyd. Joan Levy Zlotnik from IASWR was also present. Christine Diggs came3 shortly after the meeting adjourned and was updated regarding the meeting's agenda. Cheryl Waite informed Andrea Stewart that her flight was delayed and apologized for not being able to attend the meeting. Dr. Stewart provided each committee member present with the following materials: 1) BPD Research Committee Budget Form, which included member's names, school, telephone and email addresses; 2) Policies for the Research Committee, which included goals, objectives, responsibilities, relationships, and framework; 3) Handouts-Assessing Title IV E Training Funds and Federal Regulations; and BPD Update, Vol. 23, No 3, Fall 2001 Research Task Force Report.

While reviewing the Policies for the Research Committee, Sonya Monroe and Sally Alonzo Bell indicated that they would like the committee members to have input prior to the policies being submitted to the Board. Andrea Stewart informed the committee members that she followed the example and format that was provided by Doug Burnham. She assured the committee members that they had copies of the policies and were provided an opportunity to respond with additions and/or corrections. The only addition added was the statement regarding the Research Committee's review of the by-laws, policies and procedures in order to maintain consistency with the organization's strategic plan. At this point, the committee members requested a copy of the by-laws. Andrea Stewart indicated that she would make sure that all members received the by-laws. She indicated that she would check with Spencer Zieger or Doug Burnham. Sonya Monroe also wanted to have tasks assigned toe ach objective. She indicated that she would like for some action to take place rather than just being on a committee. Andrea responded by stating that she and Murali Nair would welcome any additions and tasks to be included from the committee members. However, due to the limited time scheduled for the meeting, the committee members were requested to email or send their comments to the co-chairs. A few tasks were suggested during the meeting. Andrea Stewart informed the committee that all chairs were scheduled to meet with the President later that evening. She indicated that she would like to seek further clarification of her role and responsibilities as well as the research committee's role and responsibilities for the upcoming year under new leadership.

The Research Committee members present indicated that they would like to survey the membership to determine what research has been conducted as well as the funding sources and types of funding secured. Sally Alonzo Bell and Sonya Monroe agreed to pursue this task. The Research Committee meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

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