BPD Update Online, Spring 2002
Technology Corner: BPDer's Make a Major Contribution to the 2002 APM Media Technology Center
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Carol J. Williams, Associate Editor

The Media Technology Center at this year's APM once again included major contributions by a number of BPDers. Here are some of the key attractions!

Jerry Finn and Steve Marson present at APM

Jerry Finn (University of New Hampshire) and Steve Marson (University of North Carolina at Pembroke) presented a wonderful Faculty Development Institute on A Systems Approach to Database and Web page Development for Field Instruction Management. This workshop was an enhanced version of the session that Jerry and Steve presented in 2000. The workshop was repeated since its initial offering attracted 32 participants to a session designed for 16.

Jerry Finn made a second appearance to present a workshop on Ethics and Liability in Online Social Work Practice. This lab session, designed for a maximum of 16 participants, attracted 19 attendees.

Pamela A. Viggiani and Debra Fromm Faria (Rochester Institute of Technology) presented a session on Teaching Diversity: a Harmonious Approach Utilizing Multimedia and Blackboard Web Enhancement.

Candace Miles and Michael Wright Present at APM Media Tech

Candace Miles and Michael Wright (Andrews University) led a lab session on Utilizing Web-Based Portfolios to Facilitate Educational Assessment and Continuous Professional Development.

Candice and Michael's workshop attracted 32 participants in a lab designed for sixteen.

Lynn Adkins (University of Pittsburgh), Debra Gohagan (Minnesota State University), Darlene Lynch (Aurora University), Robert Vernon (Indiana University), and Carol Williams (Kean University) presented a lab session to introduce their first draft of a Tool to Review Online Course Content and Delivery.

Sonya Monroe's Electronic Poster at APM Media Tech

Sonya Monroe (Governor's State University) presented a poster entitled Enhancing Teaching and Learning of Social Work Values, Ethics, and Interviewing Knowledge and Skills through Audiovisual and Computer Technology.

Of course, your Associate Editor was there on the scene coordinating the Media Tech Center and serving as roving photographer.

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Carol Williams

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