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Advocacy and OUtreach Committee, Jack Sellers, Chair

The Board of Directors gave the committee its approval of the second BPD Summer Policy Fellow Award for Summer, 2002. The announcement for this award has been made available to all eligible programs and has been on the listserve of several organizations. Applications for this award are due March 25th. The announcement of the winner will be no later than April 30th. The award is $5,000 to assist in covering the expenses of a summer legislative experience in Washington, D.C. under the supervision of Joan Zlotnik, Executive Director of IASWR. If you need a copy of the 2002 announcement please e-mail jsellers@unanov.una.edu or call 256-765-4391.

In addition to its support of the Policy Fellow Award, IASWR continues to advocate for the advancement and strengthening of the research funding opportunities at the BSW level and to continue its efforts to build linkages between research and BSW education and practice. IASWR plans to continue in consultation with the committee and the BPD Board of Directors to sponsor pertinent and innovative sessions on research at our annual conference.

Regarding ANSWER, the National Center for Social Work Research Act has been reintroduced in the House (HR3814) by Congressmen Rodriguez and Upton. Social work educators need to continue to support this legislation through their respective members of Congress. The Center would establish a means to collect data on significant public health and social problems and promote the study and investigation of prevention and treatment of these problems. More effective delivery of social and health services and better informed policy making related to major social problems is envisioned as a result of the Center's activities and contributions. BPD members will be kept informed of what actions they can take to support this effort.

The Annual Influencing State Policy Contest (2002) is open to all enrolled social work students, faculty, and field instructors in accredited programs. Each award recipient receives $150 and a plaque. Deadline for applications is April 22, 2002. For more information check out ISP website at http://www.statepolicy.org.

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