BPD Update Online, Spring 2002
Candidates for Secretary
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Candidates for Secretary

Stephen Anderson

Current Title: Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Director of the School of Social Work at New Mexico State University.

Degrees: B.A. University of Minnesota - 1967
MSW University of Minnesota - 1970
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin - 1980


The primary qualifications for the position of BPD secretary are to attend general board and executive committee meetings, be a good listener, and be adept at recording minutes and providing them back to the board and its officers in a timely and accurate manner. In addition, the Secretary is a member of the board and executive committee. In this capacity the Secretary has input into the decision and policy making of the board and is a representative of the membership of the organization. In addition to my technical skills necessary to be an effective recording secretary, I am also have effective consensus building skills to assist the board in making policy decisions that reflect the needs and interests of our membership.

Past and Current Involvement:

A year ago I finished my three-year term as an elected member at large to the BPD Board. While on the board I had the pleasure of serving as a co-chair of the Technology and Distance Education Committee and then as the chair of the Publications Committee. Currently, I am a member of BPD.

Contribution to BPD and social work education:

Over the years I have seen BPD grow and expand. It has a much larger committee structure that when I first began on the board. This has enabled more members to be involved in the organization and for BPD to address a more diverse array of critical issues to undergraduate social work education. The annual conference continues to grow and the voice of BPD as a strong voice and equal partner at the table of social work organizations has never been stronger. This strong voice was well evidenced by the impact BPD had on the development of EPAS by CSWE. With this growth and maturation has come a host of challenges that include financing the expanded committee structure, maintaining a strong voice while finding ways to be more inclusive of our total membership, and working to maintain the uniqueness of our annual conference. I am committed to working on these issues and to be part of the long-standing effort to build the strongest possible organization.

Debbie Simpler

Title: Professor of Social Work and
Chair, Department of social work

Degrees: B.A. Social Work, Memphis State University, 1973
MSSW, University of Tennessee, 1976

Institutional Affiliation:
Belmont University
Nashville, TN 37212

Unique Qualifications for Secretary:

One might question the uniqueness, but I am a "rule follower". If you tell me to do something, (unless illegal or immoral), I'll do it. It seems that quality would make a good secretary. I will attend the meetings, I will write the reports in a timely fashion, and I will distribute copies. If other duties are assigned to me, I will do them.

Past/Current involvement with BPD:

Since 1986, I have attended all but two BPDs. I have presented papers and served as moderator at several BPDs.

What I can contribute:

Because I have attended so many BPDs, and have gained so much, I think it is time to do something to give back. The many people I have met through BPD who have become friends, the countless help with the accreditation process, course development, understanding of issues and process, have all come together to give me a deep appreciation of BPD. Undergraduate social work education is what I have lived and breathed for the past 22 years. I began my journey as an instructor, so I have experience with each academic rank. I have a good idea of what we want our graduates to look like as social workers and I continue to strive for that goal of educating future social workers.

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