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BPD Update Online, Fall 2001
Funding for Baccalaureate Program Research (cont)

BPD 2002 Conference and Gerontology Task Force

The theme of the 20th Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social work Program Directors (BPD) in 2002 will be Building Bridges for Transition: Developing Interdisciplinary, Intergenerational, and Cross-Cultural Links to Meet the Social Work Needs of an Aging Society. Social work faculty are invited to submit a proposal for the aging-themed conference to be held in Pittsburgh, October 23-27, 2002. BPD recognizes that as our society ages, "it is becoming increasingly imperative for all social workers to develop the knowledge as skills needed to work competently with older people and their families." In fact, BPD's recognition of the aging imperative has resulted in the development of a BPD Gerontology Task Force, chaired by Mit Joyner, Chair and Director of Social Work at West Chester University, that will work closely with SAGE-SW to strengthen aging and gerontology education in social work education. Task Force members include:

Sally Alonzo Bell, Azusa Pacific University, SBell@apu.edu

Francine Conway-Giustra, Long Island University, fconway@liu.edu

Gordon Elliott, Mount Senario College, gelliot@mountsenario.edu

Esther Jones Langston, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, elangston@ccmail.nevada.edu

Mit Joyner, Chair, West Chester University, mjoyner@wcupa.edu

R. Ann Myers, James Madison University, rmyersry@jmu.edu

June Pegues, Retired Professor, peguesja@netscape.net

Jack Sellers, University of Northern Alabama, JSellers@unanov.una.edu

The BPD 2002 conference call invites submission of proposals for papers, workshops, and resource exchanges related to the conference theme. Proposals should be no more than two pages typed and double-spaced in a print size no less than 10-point font. Information on submissions will be available on the CSWE website at www.cswe.org


Proposals must be postmarked by January 15, 2002 and sent to Denise Montcalm, Program Chair, University of Nevada, Reno School of Social Work, Mail Stop 090, Reno, NV 89557-0068.

Recent IASWR Activities of Note

IASWR helped to host the BPD Summer Policy Fellow, Daphne Petersen, while she worked with the ANSWER coalition during the summer of 2001. Daphne will be sharing her great experiences at the 2001 BPD conference.

Met with Alan Leshner, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and his staff to discuss new opportunities for collaboration between IASWR and NIDA and to commend NIDA for its support for building the research infrastructure in social work education, including thus far, the funding of two development programs - at Columbia University and Washington University.

Participated in a workgroup convened by Raynard Kington, Director of the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research (OBSSR), to discuss the inclusion of behavioral and social science content in medical school education.

Participated in a meeting, organized through the Consortium of Social Science Associations, with acting National Institute of Health (NIH) Director Ruth Kirschstein.

Participated in a forum, convened by Chapin Hall on "The Evidence Base for Child Welfare Policy" which shared analyses of findings from recent child welfare research, including presentations by social work researchers Fred Wulczyn of Chapin Hall and Richard Barth of the University of North Carolina, and children's mental health researcher John Landsverk, of the San Diego State University social work faculty.

Provided feedback to NIMH on Blueprint for Change: Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, the draft report of the National Advisory Mental Council's Workgroup on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Intervention Development and Deployment. The implementation of this Blueprint should provide new funding opportunities for children's mental health research including the creation of interdisciplinary centers. Watch the IASWR listserv (see above) for more information.

Using IASWR activities as an example, made a presentation on "influencing the executive branch" at the University of South Carolina's Policy and Practice Institute in June 2001.

Addressing the need for more research about the social work profession and the outcomes of social work practice, in response to several major efforts that are underway, by the American Public Human Services Association, Child Welfare League of America, Alliance for Children and Families, National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors and the John A. Hartford Foundation, that focus on recruitment and retention of a competent workforce in a range of fields of practice.

Prepared an annotated bibliography for the National Child Welfare Resource Center on Family-Centered Practice on the research related to family-centered practice across an array of fields of practice. Watch the IASWR listserv and website for information on its dissemination.

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