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BPD Update Online, Fall 2001

Joan Levy Zlotnik, Executive Director
Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research


All BPD members should find the weekly IASWR Announcements Listserv beneficial. The only such source known to specifically focus on information of interest to social work researchers and social work educators, IASWR Announcements' subscribers have increased by almost 50% over the past year. The Announcements regularly provide information on new funding opportunities, calls for papers, conference information and information on new reports of interest to social work educators. In addition IASWR uses the listserv to request, from the field, information on cutting edge issues, such as the impact of the 1996 welfare reform legislation or faith-based social services. To subscribe to the listserv, send an email message (no text on subject line) to: Listserv@vm.sc.edu. Type a one line message as follows: Subscribe iaswrlst <your first name> <your last name> in the text area. Past copies of the listserv can also be found on the IASWR website under "Announcements" or "Archives" at www.iaswresearch.org.

Plans for BPD in Denver

There will be a special pre-conference session for program directors on accessing funding opportunities, including those supported by federal agencies and by foundations. The session, on Wednesday morning, October 31 will cover information on research curriculum development sources of support, opportunities for interdisciplinary research training, special sources of support for minority students, and creating a social work research career. In addition two new gerontology opportunities, funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation will be highlighted. IASWR staff will also participate in the special sessions sponsored by BPD's Research Committee. IASWR's Executive Director will also be available for individual consultation and guidance. To set up an appointment during the BPD conference, please call (202) 336-8393 or email Joan Levy Zlotnik at jlziaswr@naswdc.org or contact me during the conference.

IASWR's linkages to related groups

Our supporting organizations are the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors, the Council on Social Work Education, Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education, National Association of Deans and Directors, National Association of Social Workers, and Society for Social Work and Research. We join with all of these organizations in sponsoring the Action Network for Social Work Education and Research (ANSWER). The major advocacy priority of the ANSWER coalition is to work for the passage of the National Center for Social Work Research Act (S. 70, HR 663). The legislation would create a government entity that would work to to collect data on significant public health and social problems and promote the study and investigation of prevention and treatment of those problems. The focus of the National Center would be on social work "care" of individuals and their families experiencing problems such as acute and chronic illnesses, abuse and neglect, and youth and family violence. The Center would:

provide research grants;
establish research traineeships;
convene workshops and conferences for researchers and practitioners; and
disseminate information to policymakers, service delivery professionals, and the general public.

Having such an entity would help provide greater visibility and support for research issues of importance to social workers and should also provide expanded research development opportunities, including for BSW students and faculty. Even if this legislation passes, however, the need for IASWR as an outside advocate and catalyst, convener and technical advisor continues. Organizations such as IASWR play a critical role in bringing greater visibility to the social work profession and working to build the knowledge base for the profession.

IASWR also works closely with other national organizations and federal agencies to help garner increased support for social work research and to help to disseminate research findings for use by social workers. We work closely with the National Association Public Child Welfare Administrators and the Child Welfare League of America, especially related to strategies to create and sustain university/agency partnerships that address research and training needs. Representatives from BPD's child welfare committee has been involved with several of these efforts

We Need Your Help

IASWR is wanting to update the information we have - Please let us know if:

. You are doing research related to welfare reform - provide information on topics and findings.

. Your program hosts a university-based research center or you are part of a research center at your university.

. Your are involved in research related to the outcomes of child welfare training partnerships or are involved in recruitment and retention efforts..

To share information or to ask questions, please contact IASWR at 202 336-8385 or iaswr@clark.net.

"IASWR is a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the scientific knowledge base of social work practice by enhancing the research capacity of the profession; promoting the use of research to improve practice, program development and policy; and strengthening the voice of the profession in public education and public policy determinations by ensuring that social work is represented within the national scientific community."

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